The companies that collect comprehensive information on foreclosures from various sources nationwide charge about $40 per month for their service. Most of them will allow you to search for a limited time, and then want you to start paying by the month. If you'd like to try that, you can search foreclosures at Most of the time, the foreclosures they describe are listed for sale with realtors. If you contact us, even with partial descriptions, we can give you full addresses by searching the MLS. We can also run specific searches for you, identifying properties by ownership, whether they are bank, estate, REO, RTC, or Probate owned.

The lists below include nearly all of the big players in the foreclosure market and all of their sites offer FREE information on the properties they hold. By searching these sites, you have free access to full information on the foreclosed properties.


Government Owned Foreclosures Bank Owned Foreclosures Asset Managers of Pre-Foreclosures
Government Home Sales Bank of America LPS Asset Mgmt Corp
HUD Homes Chase  
Fannie Mae Homes for Sale Citimortgage-Citibank Keystone Asset Mgmt
Fed Deposit Insur Corp Wells Fargo REO Properties